Graduates from Educational Institutions accredited by IASP may become board certified!
Students of Private Instructors approved by IASP may become board certified!

To become certified by IAHH, you must:

Successfully complete a minimum of training hours according to this table:

Type of Certification Minimum Training Hours Activities
Certificate. 20-99 hours. Lectures.
Certified Spiritual Life Coach, C.S.L.C. 100-150 hours. Lectures plus practicum.
Diploma, or
Certified Practitioner.
100-300 hours depending on discipline. Lectures plus practicum.
Professional Certification
(e.g. Spirituality, Divinity, Metaphysics, Theology)
1,000-1,800 hours. Lectures plus practicum and/or research.
Advanced Certification
300-600 hours above Professional Certification or equivalent. Practicum + research.
Higher Certification
500+ hours above Advanced Certification or equivalent. Research.

A copy of your catalog, or other materials, if applicable.

Practitioners may need to audition by providing a sample distance reading or service.


Process and Fees

Note: please don’t send any money until you receive our answer to your application.

1. Become a member of IASP.

2. Certification covers one spiritual discipline/modality.
Fee: $ 250 (plus handling & shipping).

Additional certifications are only $ 100 (plus handling & shipping if applicable).

Important: certification is granted indefinitely as long as the practitioner remains in good standing as member of the IASP. In case of leaving the IASP or serious misconduct this certification can be withdrawn by IASP. Certificates are dated and are valid for one year; they will be renewed along with professional membership at no additional charge.


Application Form

Spiritual-Metaphysical and/or Theological Education / Training